Nordic flavours

The local flavours here come from the arctic Finnish environment and four seasons: rhubarb and nettles are the first delicacies to appear in spring, fresh vegetables and fish are served in summer, berries in early autumn and game and mushrooms in late autumn. Delicious preserves are often enjoyed in winter made during the previous seasons. Wild game and fresh fish can be enjoyed throughout the year. It’s always a good season for Finnish food!



The best groundwater in the world

The Lahti region boasts several local bakeries, and breweries. The Lahti region is famous for its delicious rye bread. One of the key components of our excellent produce is the fresh and clean water from natural springs. In Lahti region we have one of the largest breweries in Scandinavia and there are also several microbreweries in the area. In addition to that, Lahti has its own Whiskey Distillery, Teerenpeli.


Country gourmet

Whether you prefer fine dining or more relaxed cuisine, Lahti region has it all. You can choose between a lakeside terrace, an ethnic experience in the city centre, or some of the local food places in the countryside. For country gourmet we highly recommend a visit to Lehmonkärki Resort to f.ex roast salmon by open fire or Farm Restaurant Hollolan Hirvi to taste delicacies cooked in the charcoal grill or the specialty of the house, elk meetballs.



The Lahti regions’s speciality Vellamomenu offers immaculate ingredients from local fields, pastures, forests and waterways. You can find Vellamomenu at the following restaurants in the region: Hollolan Hirvi, Lehmonkärki, Vierumäki’s Restaurant World, Restaurant Roux, Solo Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone, Mukkula Manor and Restaurant Casseli.


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Local cuisine is famed for its fish, game, berries and mushrooms. Lahti Region boasts with local bakeries, farmers’ markets and breweries in the area. One of the key components to our excellent produce is the fresh and clean water from natural springs.