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Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to hear more about the opportunities in the Lahti region.

"The marketing and tourism organisation Visit Lahti can be the first point of contact that will connect film and television productions with suitable locations and stakeholders. The production must be either on a story or regional level connected to the region or otherwise comply with the region's strategic alignments for the city or region to participate in movie productions. Both Supermarsu and Veljeni vartija met these criteria with flying colours!" 

- Raija Forsman, CEO, Lahden Seutu - Lahti Region Oy

"Taking into account that Veljeni vartija was the first film cooperation in the region, I'd give it full marks. At times, we encountered new tasks or situations but we were always eager to learn and found a solution that way."

- Annika Sucksdorff, Producer, Helsinki-filmi Oy

Petra Ruonakoski, Project Manager

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Project Manager | MORE BUSINESS FROM MOVIE AND TV PRODUCTIONS | "Utilising movie and TV productions in travel and business operations" project.