We offer our help for national and international film and television productions in scouting locations, filming arrangements, recruiting local AV professionals and finding extras. We help in different administrative matters and applying for the necessary permits as well as efficiently organising the productions' practical side in the region. We can give you all the necessary information regarding organising filming, including transport and accommodation options and leisure activities. Business Finland offers production incentive for the audiovisual industry. Production incentive is 25% cash rebate for production costs in Finland. Read more here. 

"There are varied locations, the characteristic "we can do it" attitude of the people in Lahti, great accommodation opportunities for the crew, excellent transport connections to Helsinki, plenty of local businesses that can be contacted about cooperation as well as local actors and extras." 

- Annika Sucksdorff, Producer, Helsinki-filmi Oy

Photos: Veljeni vartija / Helsinki-filmi



- Location scouting
- Expertise about the region, regional connections, permits
- Connections to the AV industry network
- Mediating service providers, including accommodation, catering and car rental
- Cooperation with schools and universities 
- Mediating cooperation partners and cooperation with companies
- Building extra cooperation
- Mapping out studios and production facilities