MotoGP 12.7.2020, KymiRing Finland

For the first time in Finland, the MotoGP international FIM Grand Prix will be held at the new KymiRing GP track on 12 July 2020. Follow the event here >>

Here you can find useful tips and ideas when planning your trip.



Getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of your travel experience. Please check the region's accommodation services through the links below and make direct bookings to service supplier. For groups min. 10 persons, please contact .

Sleep well in Lahti region

In the Lahti region, we have accommodation in all categories, from upscale hotels to affordable budget hotels, hostels, B&Bs and lakeside cottages.


Camping sites in Lahti region

Take a look through this section to find the place for tenting and camping in Lahti region.


Sleep well in Kouvola region

When it comes to accommodation, Kouvola has something for everyone. Hotels, manors, villas and cottages. You can stay right in the city center or close to serene Finnish nature.




KymiRing is situated at Tillola in the municipality of Iitti. Nearest cities are Lahti and Kouvola - driving time from Lahti to KymiRing is 45 min and from Kouvola 15 min.

Street address: Kymentie 748, Kausala


The nearest village to KymiRing is Iitti (Kausala) within 10 min. driving time. 

Rent a car

KymiRing is located 1 hour 40 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport by car.

Driving time Lahti Travel Centre - KymiRing 35 minutes and Kouvola Travel Centre - KymiRing 20 minutes.

Rent a car from the Visit Lahti online store. You can freely choose the pick-up city or airport.


Train timetables

Here you can easily check trains departing from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Take the commuter train I to Tikkurila station and change trains there for Lahti and Kouvola.

Lahti is located only 1 hour by train from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.  Check the train timetables to Lahti here >>

Kouvola is located 1 hour 20 minutes by train from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Check the train timetables to Kouvola here >>

Koiviston auto

Bus timetables

The nearest connection  by bus is from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Lahti, takes 1 hour 20 minutes. Check the timetables online here >>

Information about Shuttle bus service from Lahti, Kouvola and Helsinki will be added here later.




Eat and drink in Lahti

Local cuisine is famed for its fish, game, rye bread, berries and mushrooms. The Lahti Region boasts many local bakeries, farmers’ markets and breweries in the area. One of the key ingredients in our excellent local produce is the fresh and clean ground water.


Activities in Lahti region

Lahti region is truly a wonderland for the great outdoors. You can enjoy the most beautiful lake scenery in Southern Finland. The area has many national parks and nature tracks, endless lakes and versatile fitness tracks. These are easy to reach – on a guided tour or at your own pace.


The Finnish Motorcycle Museum in Lahti

The Finnish Motorcycle Museum introduces unique bikes and changing exhibitions to visitors. It is located on scenic view by the lake Vesijärvi at Niemi Harbor, just 2.5 km from Lahti city center. Ace Corner Finland, the first Ace Cafe outside of London is located in the same space with Museum!




Eat and drink in Kouvola

Hungry? That’s okay, we got you! The restaurants and cafés in Kouvola serve delicious lunch, but you can also have dinner in one of the many restaurants in the city. While you’re in Kouvola, don’t forget to try out some of the locally made products.


Activities in Kouvola region

Nature is always close in Kouvola. You can hike in Repovesi National Park and relax in Arboretum Mustila, but don’t forget all the other excellent nature trails and outdoor activities the city offers. Remember that Kouvola is also a prime location for canoeing routes and bicycling.


Plan your Kouvola trip

Kouvola is one of the cities featured in the new East of Helsinki weekly program that gives you a taste of all the wonderful experiences located close to Finland’s capital.





Make the most of your stay - before and after the event. 

Lahti harbour

This public ”livingroom” is a vibrant meeting place where you can enjoy the lakeside atmosphere in various cafes and restaurants.

The impressive wooden concert and congress centre Sibelius Hall, on the Vesijärvi waterfront, combines industrial history with modern, wooden architecture.


Lahti Sports Centre

The Sports Centre offers different things to do and see depending on time of the year. At summer you can take a swim in the outdoor pool and check the views from the Ski Jumping Towers. The Ski Museum is open throughout the year.


Self-guided tours | Lahti by locals

Tips from the Lahti people for self-gouded tours during your staying in Lahti and region. Guided tours will guide you to see the most popular places, hidden gems in urban city and something genuine and real Lahti.



Verla - Artisan village worth visiting in Kouvola region

A UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla is a unique tourist attraction. The former cardboard factory by Verlankoski river comes alive during guided tours of the factory museum. The atmosphere is completed by exhibitions, village shops, lunch cafés and a wine shop, and you can also see pre-historic rock paintings.


Tykkimäki Amusement Park in Kouvola

Tykkimäki is Finlands third largest amusement park with almost 40 rides that will entertain the whole family. During the summer the park also has performances. You can eat in the many restaurants and cafes in the park.


Repovesi National Park in Kouvola region

Repovesi offers more than 40 kilometers of various routes which are suited for different kind of hikers. They might be simple, complicated or even vertical. The park has three entrances, including parking places, where you can park your car, Lapinsalmi, Tervajärvi and Saarijärvi.





Tap Water

Tap water in Finland is among the highest quality tap water in the world and is not only completely safe, but a pleasure to drink.

Where can I buy souveniers?

Check out our tips for buying local handicrafts, Finnish design and souveniers in Lahti here >> and in Kouvola here >>

Grocery shopping

Grocery stores are open daily, usually between the hours of 8:00 and 20:00  


In case of emergency, call 112 (no country code is required)

First Aid in Lahti in Akuutti24, address: Keskussairaalankatu 7, Lahti 

First Aid in Kouvola hospital Pohjois-Kymen sairaala, address: Sairaalankuja 3 C, Kouvola

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