Lahti by locals

Self-guided tours | Lahti by locals

Tips from the Lahti people for self-gouded tours during your staying in Lahti and region. Guided tours will guide you to see the most popular places, hidden gems in urban city and something genuine and real Lahti. Durations are approximate and calculated as walking tours. We highly recommed these tours and see the real Lahti.



Cafe Oskari, Hämeenkatu 17 | 140m, 2min |
Speciality shops at Rautatienkatu | 240m, 3min |
Lahti Market Hall, Torikatu 3 | 120m, 1min |
Lunch at Bistro Popot, Rautatienkatu 26 | 180m, 2min |
Lahti Market square, Vapaudenkatu 7 | 350m, 4min |
Lahti Museokioski - pop up museum and shop, Aleksanterinkatu 10 | 200m, 2 min |

TIP! Check out the mural by Messy Desk, who is an up-and-coming illustrator and comic artist based in Hong Kong | Ritaniemenkatu 5, Lahti



Radio Hill (Outside the cemetery opens in spectacular scenery), Radiomäenkatu 35 | 20m, 1min |
Radio ja TV-museum Mastola | 2,3km, 31min |
Mustankallio Hill (viewpoint), Mustankalliontie 21 | 2,3km, 30min |
Pikku-Vesijärvi Park | 850m, 13min |
Lanu Sculpture Park | 1,2km, 15min |
Sibelius Hall ja Cafe Kariranta – have a cup of coffee or hot cocoa by the Lake Vesijärvi



Apulandia, Helsingintie 199 | 6,1km, 1h 17min |
Ace Cafe Lahti and Motorcycle museum, Veistämönkatu 1 | 4,1km, 53min |
Movie theather Kino Iiris, Saimaankatu 12 | 400m, 5min |
Try some "Meat mug", Jonen Grilli, Vapaudenkatu 15 | 900m, 13min |
Livemusic, legendary restaurant Torvi , Loviisankatu  | 950m, 11min |
Microbrewery Beers at Virasto citybar, Vesijärvenkatu 11 | 1,2km, 15min |
Pubs and bars:  Restaurant Teerenpeli or Pikku-Hanhi, Vapaudenkatu 18