Vellamomenu – Taste of Lahti Region

Vellamomenu is a local food menu in the Lahti Region and the province of Päijät-Häme, emphasizing local flavors and seasonal delicacies. Provincial menus have been adopted by local restaurants and guests – and now you can enjoy Vellamomenu in addition to the dinner menu, as a conference breakfast and lunch or in a buffet.

The purpose of Vellamomenu is to raise the profile of the food culture of Lahti region and highlight the excellence of the restaurants in the region. Restaurants are committed to using the ingredients of their own province, such as grain, fish, mushrooms, berries, vegetables and meat – not forgetting the clean water of the Salpausselkä ridges. The restaurants also serve local wines, whiskey, beer and cider.

Vellamomenu Restaurats

Lahden Seurahuone

Solo Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone

Solo Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone offers varied settings for celebrations along the main street of Lahti. For example, the luxury Hämesali, which seats 100 people, is suitable for enjoying the Vellamomenu.

Ravintola Roux Restaurant

Restaurant Roux

At the award-winning Roux, the menus and wine lists make a perfect mix, where the choice between excellent and top-notch is difficult.

Mukkulan kartano Mukkula Manor

Mukkula Manor House Hotel

Mukkula Manor House is a unique design hotel on the shores of beautiful Vesijärvi, just 10 minutes from the city center of Lahti. The manor’s food philosophy is based on modern Scandinavian and classic French cuisine, with a touch of Italian tastes.

Kaupungintalo Lahti City Hall

Restaurant Tyrmä

Restaurant Tyrmä is located in a special environment on the ground floor of the town hall designed by Eliel Saarinen. The name Tyrmä (Dungeon) derives from its original use as a police jail. Tyrmä’s catering services at City Hall are handled by Päijät-Hämeen Ateriapalvelut Oy.

Lehmonkärki Ometta-ravintola

Lehmonkärki Resort

Restaurant Ometta of Lehmonkärki resort is a lively meeting and banquet room in Asikkala, Lahti Region. 18th-century vaulted arches and hand-carved roof structures fascinate with their bulk. Ometta’s cuisine tastes of local traditions combined with fresh food trends.

Maaseuturavintola Hollolan Hirvi Restaurant

Countryside restaurant Hollolan Hirvi

Just 10 minutes drive from the city and you are there! Nestled amidst fields and forests, Hollolan Hirvi (the Elk of Hollola) is more than a rural restaurant – its brewery’s products, beers and traditional Finnish home-brew ‘sahti’, taste both as a pint or an ingredient in the menu.

Local Food Producers

Päijät-Häme Province has diverse agricultural production, rich berry and mushroom forests and abundant crab and fish stocks. Farms and other small food companies in the province produce a variety of natural, high-quality agricultural products from carefully selected raw materials.

The main ingredients of Vellamomenu are always fresh and from as close as possible. Vellamomenu also utilizes the best products of the nearby provinces. The producers and the backgrounds of the products are always known.

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Local Food from Lahti Market Hall

The Market Hall of Lahti (Lahden Kauppahalli) has been selling local food for almost a century. Meat, fish, cheese and bread counters in the Market Hall are sure to offer you local delicacies. Now you can identify them more easily – all Vellamo-marked products are local and locally produced.

Paikallista lähiruokaa – Local food is a brand tailored for shops and the retail industry. The product must meet the high requirements for the raw material and its origin must be traceable.

Vellamomenu co-ordinated By Visit Lahti

The Regional Council of Päijät-Häme has played a key role in the Vellamomenu cooperation since the idea of the menu first saw the light of day. Vellamomenu is the perfect way to market the region, and it is also the nationally best known regional menu.

Visit Lahti assumed the responsibility for coordinating the cooperation in the spring 2020.

Vellamo vaakuna

More information:

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