Fun for the whole family

The Lahti region is packed with affordable leisure time for families with children.  Laune Family Park in Lahti and the diverse indoor playgrounds and swimming pools are available all year round. In the summer, children's favorites include the fun adventure park in Pajulahti, the cute animals in the domestic animal farms, the Laune Central Park skate parks and the thousands of elephants in Willa Fantti.



Fun indoor playgrounds

Raining cats and dogs? No worries, the indoor playgounds save the day.


Bouldering, trampolins and other indoor sports parks

Glow bowling, parkour, trampolins, bouldering and many other fun indoor sports. Check the tips here.

Radio- ja tv-museo Mastola

Enchanting museums

VisitLahti recommends Radio and TV Museum, where you can for example broadcast your own TV program. Or try the fun ski jump simulator at Ski Museum.

Laune family park

Fun sights for families

Willa Fantti and its thousands of elephant figures, Pajulahti Adventure Park, Laune Family and Central Park, just to mention some tips where to visit. Read more here.


Picnic in the nature

The Lahti Region is an outdoor wonderland offering enchanting nature sights and hiking trails for many kinds of excursions.

Heinola Birdhouse

Rescued birds and cute domestic animals

Heinola Bird Sanctuary and the domestic animal parks of the region are full of cute and cuddly alpacas, pigs, cows and colorful birds.