Yhteystieto: Kimmo Ohtonen

Kimmo Ohtonen

Broadcaster, Naturalist
Kimmo Ohtonen is a Finnish journalist, writer, tv-personality and nature photographer.  His TV career started in the UK in 2005 working for BBC and ITV on programmes centered around social topics and current affairs (eg. To Catch A Paedophile, Tonight with Trevor McDonald, Inside Killer Sharks with James May, Blackpool Paramedics Season 1 and 2). With Kimmo's images the story always comes first. When he is in the nature with his camera, it's the story and the emotion captured that matter. The images need to be honest and technically masterful potrayals of nature with an underlying conservation message, and be beautiful enough to be hung on your wall. Both Kimmo's professional and personal life is centered around nature. His spare time is exceedingly spent with his wife Laura and their dogs Alma and Romy in the nature near their current hometown of Helsinki or deep in the wilderness of Finland.