At 9.45 Meet with the Guide at the Media Centre Info Desk.

Transfer 20 minutes to Stora Enso Logging site. (Please wear proper shoes)

Finnish people have been skiing in forests for thousands of years - but forests are the base of Finnish wellbeing too.
Welcome to visit Stora Enso’s logging site and see where the raw material for many of our everyday products comes from. You can see Ponsse’s spectacular forest harvester at work, and enjoy a cup of coffee and sausage prepared on the traditional way by the campfire.

In Finland, we plant millions of trees every year, and – with a little help from mother earth – they eventually grow up and become this fantastic raw material for paper, board, biomaterials and wood products.
The forests are our ‘green gold’ and one of the solutions tackling climate change. The company Stora Enso is convinced that everything that’s made with fossile-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

At 11.15 Back at the Media Centre