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Use our photos and brochures to promote your meeting or event in Lahti. They are available free of charge for organisers of meetings and other events. 

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Meeting and Event organizer (eng)


Host City Lahti Manual

Manual for Event organizer  (eng)


Host City Lahti pdf.

presentation for event organizer (eng)


Top Cultural Attractions and things to do

Tips, packages and tours (eng)




Media bank & story ideas


Visitlahtimedia  - *for professional use only

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Visitlahti Professionals | Meeting and Event organizer (eng)
Visitlahti | Host City Lahti Manual (eng)
Visitlahti | The Top Cultural Attractions and Things to Do (eng)
Guide Winter 2017-2018
Guide ЗИМА 2017-2018
Lahti Region -map 2018
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